A new fixed-day, weekly service to the Pacific Islands is now available from Swire Shipping.

Connectivity to India, Europe, South-East Asia, and the Middle East. carries out a double number of trips to the ports of Lae, Motukea, Nouméa, Suva, and Honiara.

Pacifica Shipping adds Takutai Chief to coastal shipping lines | Project Cargo Journal

The Pacific Weekly Express (PWX) service has been introduced by Swire Shipping, a leading provider of liner shipping services in the Asia-Pacific region. This new fixed-day weekly service connects Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands to South-East Asia, Europe, India, and the Middle East.

The new service connects Fiji and Nouméa to the Pacific islands of Tonga, Vanuatu, Samoa, American Samoa, and Tahiti on a seven-day basis. It also serves Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, and Fiji.

The Southeast Asia (SEA) and East Southeast Asia (ESEA) services that are currently in use are being superseded by PWX, which combines and expands two existing services to provide increased frequency, predictability, and speed. Swire Shipping’s new service, which doubles the frequency of its trips to the ports of Lae, Motukea, Nouméa, Suva, and Honiara, demonstrates the company’s commitment to bringing the communities of the Pacific together.

Swire Shipping’s chief operating officer, Ben Pike, stated: We believe it is our responsibility to provide our customers’ supply chains with best-in-class liner services because we are a preferred partner to many. In light of this, we are pleased to announce the addition of more fixed-day weekly and fixed-day fortnightly products to our key markets as part of a significant upgrade to our network. Our customers will immediately benefit greatly from the PWX service, which will also support regional communities and trade.

Customers in the Pacific will now be able to optimize their supply chains and reduce risk with the introduction of the PWX service, which improves supply chain planning while also lowering risks. They will be able to reduce inventories, lower holding costs, improve stock management, and reduce supply chain risk due to the weekly service’s predictability and dependability. It will be simpler for customers to plan their supply chains if they can standardize and repeat processes at both the origin and destination locations. They will also enjoy improved on-time performance, shorter waiting times, and fewer port clashes between vessels.

Swire Shipping was able to upgrade its Papua New Guinea (PNG) Service, which connects Australia with Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, to a fixed-day, biweekly service thanks to the introduction of the PWX service. On the Australia-Pacific Islands (PIS) and North Asia Express (NAX) Services, which connect Papua New Guinea and Townsville, Australia, respectively, this adds to the existing fixed-day, biweekly offerings.

The integrated logistics division of Swire Shipping will provide first- and last-mile logistics services to help the Pacific service network run smoothly.


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